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Official Bromo Ijen tour East Java

Overland tour package from Bali Island for 3 days to East Java for sunrise & savanna tours in Bromo and then continue for Ijen crater tour which is well known as a place to see blue fire or blue flame with Ijen blue fire tours

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Are you wondering if there’s a place that marries seaside heaven with all the amenities and facilities for entertainment, cultural exploration, or a spiritual retreat? It’s right here! Travel to Bali, Indonesia, to be taken away by natural beauty that appeals to adventurers, honeymooners, families, and groups of like-minded enthusiasts seeking physical and mental rejuvenation.

The Island of a Thousand Temples may not be the first thing that comes to mind as you picture pristine seascapes and lovely holiday scenarios upon an infinite backdrop of mesmerizing blue. But this name is a captivating promise of elevated experiences in all Bali travel packages. 

Which temple of nature is the one you need to explore the most romantic, adventurous, or divine side of yourself? Bali Komodo Trip is a Bali tour company that has plenty of suggestions for finding the answer. Secluded and serene or vibrant and luxurious – let’s work out the best setting for your memorable and transformative Balinese experience.

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What makes this destination ideal for couple holidays and mindfulness retreats is the Dreamland ambiance that will gently lull you into feeling present in each moment of your trip. Rewire yourself amid the bliss of idyllic beaches, or take your social detox experience to the next level with yoga and meditation sessions. Our travel packages are fantastic opportunities to reconnect with nature or your inner self.

Up for some adventure? Whether the surf, mountains, or underwater sights are on your travel radar, Bali Komodo Trip will craft tour packages for Bali to take a special place in your heart. 

Or is it someone else’s heart that you want the memories to be engraved in forever? Let our Bali travel agents create personalized itineraries for the two of you based on your preferences and favorite activities:

  • Snorkeling tours
  • Temples and cultural sites
  • Waterfall or water rafting tours
  • Relaxing massage and spa treatments
  • Sunrise and sunset trips or yoga sessions
  • Close encounters with legendary Komodo dragons
  • The most popular (or secret) dive and surfing spots
  • Balinese traditional performances and dance shows
  • Serene mountain lakes and breathtaking beaches such as the Pink Beach

Enjoy the magic moments that are waiting to be discovered. You can select activities and attractions for all personalized Bali tour packages.

The inspiring display of beauty

As one of the world’s most romantic destinations, Bali is often chosen for marriage proposals, celebrations, and honeymoons. However, you don’t have to focus on expensive ceremonies and locations to make your stay unforgettable and picture-perfect. The island has lots of budget-friendly beachfront restaurants and dreamlike natural spots for celebrating the beginning of your love story or any special moment of your relationship.

Whether you are just looking to unwind while soaking up the tranquility of the beaches or to enrich your experience, Bali Komodo Trip has countless wonders for you. Choose from our itineraries to end up with the best travel packages to Bali!

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Selection of additional trip during Ijen Bromo tour packages Optional programs during the Bromo Ijen tour package with extra cost Bali Komodo Trip
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  • June, 05 2023

Selection of additional trip during Ijen Bromo tour packages

Bromo Ijen tour package and do the selection of optional tour programs with extra cost

Bromo Ijen tour package Indonesia Bromo Ijen trour package Indonesia I by Bali Komodo trip Bali Komodo Trip
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  • December, 21 2022

Bromo Ijen tour package Indonesia

Let's do Bromo Ijen tour package start from Yogyakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Probolinggo or Bali Island