Night trip Surabaya to Bromo Sukamade & Ijen tours 4D

Night trip starts from Surabaya or Malang to Bromo, Sukamade beach and Ijen crater tours,- then end in Banyuwangi area, East Java within 4 days holiday travel package 

East Java holidays and adventure trip which is started at night time either from Malang or Surabaya to enjoy the sunrise tours Bromo, the exploring of adventure trail Sukamade beach, blue flame tours Ijen and then finish in Banyuwangi in the most eastern tip on Java Island

Tour itinerary

Day 01: Night trip from Malang or Surabaya to Bromo area 

  • Around at 21.00 – 23.30 pm, our staff will pick you up either at Malang or Surabaya (please let us know where we have to meet you and the best time to start this trip at least at 24 pm) and then we drive slowly for 3-5 hours to reach to the parking area in Mount Bromo with a private car which is completed by air conditioned. On this trip, you may stop on way for having meals and drink a cup of coffee or tea at local restaurant or just go to the public toilet and hoping before at 03.00 am, we will arrive in parking area in Mount Bromo 

Day 02: Enjoy amazing sunrise, Bromo tour package and drive to Sukamade stay (L. D)

  • 03.00-04.30: Take a jeep's vehicle to enjoy sunrise tours and reach the place for seeing the sunrise in Bromo area where you can choose one of the famous places to see sunrise in Bromo as mentioned below:

  • Mount Pananjakan or Gunung Penanjakan is known well as the best place for view point of Bromo Sunrise in Tengger region. Mt Penanjakan is a major viewing point for all tourists who visited Mount Bromo to enjoy sunrise tours Bromo. It means this place will be crowded on the season of holiday or on the weekend  

  • Kingkong hill or Bukit Kingkong: If you visit to Mount Bromo, on weekends, or holidays, so at Bromo very crowded with visitors. I suggest you go to the other viewpoint (king kong hill) is a good place to see the sunrise time and Bromo crater, on the an altitude of about 2600 meters

  • Love hill of Bromo or Bukit Cinta Bromo: is an alternative place to see the stunning beauty for sunrise time on the Mount Bromo. Just like King Kong hill, the spot of love hill is also less well-known than the main spot named "the view point 1" or Mount Penanjakan (the 1st summit climbing), where the most clear view of the sunrise on Mount Bromo can be seen from this spot. However, if you got that Mount Penanjakan is too crowded of other tourists, you can choose Love Hill as a good alternative besides King Kong hill

  • 04.30- 06.00: Take while your time for a cup of tea OR coffee, then seeing the amazing sunrise view  at a place as like your choice. Afterward, driving with our jeep for next destination on the slope of Mount Bromo as the parking area 

  • 06.00-08.00: Crossing the seas of sand on foot or with horse riding (it is as optional for you with distance 10 minutes walking / one way) to reach the bottom area of Bromo where there are more than 250 stairs which will direct you to reach peak of Mount Bromo. Resting for awhile and take the pictures on the top of Mount Bromo with amazing view of the Bromo crater which on the bottom area is spread out the seas of sand or famous with whispering sand and it is bordered with other mountains as natural backgrounds

  • 08.00-19.00: Go to the restaurant in Bromo area by passing the same route as you have done for reaching top of Mount Bromo. Arrived in restaurant for having breakfast (cost for breakfast will be your own expenses) and preparation for leaving Mount Bromo to reach the Sarongan village, Peasanggaran – Banyuwangi for about 7-9 hours driving (it is depend on situation of the traffic) with possiblity can stop on the way for having meals, go to the public toilet or take pictures if you get something interest during this trip. Sarongan is a village which is located on the border of Meru Betiri National Park and then from Sarongan village, we will use a private jeep or a specialist car for adventure tours for 1 hour driving to reach your home stay / guest house in area of Sukamade beach which is located in Meru Betiri National Park

  • Sukamade turtle beach: Sukamade beach is about 97 km to southwest of Banyuwangi. This area is natural, quiet and beautiful place. Dutch has discovered it in 1927 with 1200 hectare estate which is an active plantation that produces rubber, coffee and cacao. Sukamade is the Natural Resource Conservation which is in charge of the turtle’s perpetuation in Banyuwangi of east Java. 

    A night adventure tours in Sukamade is as the challenging for exploring adventure trail and an unforgettable trip in Banyuwangi area - East Java. You will be guided by a ranger (Natural Resource Conservation officer) and our staff (your tour guide) for night trekking to observe the female sea turtles which will lay eggs on the beach. If you are lucky enough, you maybe can see a female turtle lays more than one hundred eggs on the wide sandy beach. The female of turtles, usually start landing at 20:30 PM and return to the sea at 24:00 PM

  • Accommodation in Sukamade beach: Condition here is very basic and the accommodation in this area is simple similar like the lodge/ Guesthouse or home stay, but more often for the people who has visited this place will recommend to others to visit Sukamade Beach when they are in Banyuwangi and sometime, they intend to come back to get an experience exceedingly rare and unique with special adventure trip of Sukamade beach tours. On this day, you will stay overnight and having dinner at the lodge/ Guesthouse in area of Sukamade turtle beach

  • How you can reach Sukamade turtle beach: 

    We will use a private car / van which is completed with air conditioned till reach the Sarongan village - Pesanggaran in southern area of Banyuwangi regency and from this village, We will use a jeep (4WD vehicle) to area of Sukamade where you will stay at the lodge/ Guesthouse. And the road to the guesthouse in area of Sukamade turtle beach is worthy enough for the person who want to get the real of adventure trip. It is one of the best adventure trail for exploring southern coast of Banyuwangi, East Java. 

    Do crossing the rivers, exploring the rural landscapes and passing rainforest are the routes which will passed for this adventure tours to reach Sukamade. Along the way to visit this place the visitors can stop at the beautiful place as known as Rajegwesi and the green bay (Teluk Hijau) with its beautiful cliff around. Here, also you will have a chance for short excursion to find wild animals who living free in the savannah. This place is virgin forest, natural environment with white sandy beach which is located on the southern tip of Banyuwangi, East Java,- Indonesia

*** Notes: The tour program above can be changed/ swapped to be visited Ijen crater first after the viewing sunrise and Bromo tour package, and then to Sukamade turtle beach tours, - afterward (depends on weather and conditions)

Day 03: Baby turtle release and Sukamade beach tours to Ijen crater stay (B)

  • After dawn time, you will have a chance to do the baby turtle release on the wide white sandy of Sukamade beach  with amazing virgin rain forest as the natural background. Please prepare your best donation for this baby turtle release,- do not forget to take the pictures as a proof that you have been in the place with amazing and virgin beach panorama

  • After that, trekking back to the lodge/ Guesthouse for having breakfast, then take your time for short exploring the surroundings of Sukamade. This is an area of virtually void of people. Go and a dip in crystal clear waters nearby river. Afterward, we leave this area before noon to continue our trip to your hotel in Ijen area of Banyuwangi for about 4 - 5 hours driving. On this route, you will pass rural landscape, plantations, small cities and rice fields. Upon arrival in Banyuwangi, we will escort you to the hotel or the homestay as your accommodation before you do Ijen crater tour on the next day

Day 04: Ijen crater climbing with possibility do blue fire tours Ijen and drop off you to Banyuwangi (B)  

  • Around at 00.30 or by the latest at 01.00 am (midnight time), our staff will meet you at the lobby of your accommodation or hotel. Then we will continue our trip for 1 – 1.5 hours driving to reach parking lot in the post 1 of Paltuding or this is well-known as the starting point for the climbing activities in Ijen crater and then you will do the climbing activities in Mount Ijen as follow

  • 02.00-06.00: The preparation and then climbing activities to reach top of Ijen. Hoping around at 04.00/ 04.30 am, we arrived on the top of Ijen cater and fo do observation of the Milky Way + the seeing process of blue fire and if it is needed with your request, we will descend to reach the edge of lake to see blue fire with better and clearer view, then afterward viewing of sunrise on the peak of Mount Ijen and take a rest with an amazing view the green lake of sulfur as natural backgrounds which can forget how tired for the climbing process in Ijen crater

  • 06.00-08.00: Go down by passing the same route (path) on the slope of Mount Ijen till reach the base camp of Paltuding or vehicle parking lot in Ijen crater area.

  • 08:00-10.00: Leaving the Ijen crater area for reaching back your hotel or accommodation and then you will have the breakfast, take shower and then our services for your trip has completed - DONE. 

*** Notes: If the weather is NOT good or you are tired or NOT allowed to do night climbing, it means, you will do the standard Ijen crater tours (basic Ijen crater tour) without seeing the blue fire which will be started from Banyuwangi area (your accommodation) around after at 02.30 am, - And so on.

Tour Package Price INCLUDES:
~ Private car with fuel and expert driver
~ Pick-up service from Malang or Surabaya
~ Drop off service back to Malang or Surabaya
~ Jeep
 for the sunrise and Bromo tour package
~ The bottled mineral water on the tour package
~ Parking and freeway fees during the tour above
~ Entrance ticket for Sukamade turtle beach tours

~ Gas masks for Ijen climbing with blue fire tours
~ 1 night Sukamade Guesthouse 
(includes price)
~ 1 night Ijen crater area stay (depends booking)
~ Tour guide of the trip (depends booking)

Tour Package Price EXCLUDES:
~ Travel insurance, mealtipping
~ Mt Bromo accommodation (No need it)
~ Horse riding on seas sand of Mt Bromo 
~ Mt Bromo and Ijen crater entrance fees 
~ Optional tour programs during your trip
~ Other personal expenses during the tour 

Entrance tickets: During the holiday trip package of sunrise Bromo tours, Tumpak Sewu waterfall tours and Ijen blue fire tours above, you are required to buy/ book entrance tickets in advance (online method and we'll inform you later, - How can you book/ buy the tickets online) with cost as follow;
~ Bromo ticket fee
   * 227K/ pax on working days
   * 327K/ pax on weekends - holidays
   * Tiket masuk utk KTP WNI lebih murah

~ Ijen crater ticket fee
   * 100K/ pax on working days
   * 150K/ pax on weekends - holidays
   * Tiket masuk utk KTP WNI lebih murah

Pls bring: Trekking shoes, warm clothes
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