Bromo sunrise savanna Tumpak Sewu & Ijen tours Bali 5D

Bromo sunrise savanna - Tumpak Sewu and Ijen crater tours Bali 5D

Try to get best holidays adventure from Java to Bali Island for 5 days expedition to enjoy the sunrise tours Bromo, the savannah tours Bromo, Tumpak Sewu waterfall trekking tours and the blue fire Ijen tours and then it will be continued to your hotel in Bali Island as last destination for your Java Bali holidays trip with us

Itinerary of tour package

Day 01: Trip from Malang or Surabaya to hotel in Bromo area

  • Our staff will pick you up at the hotel, airport, train’s station or other places as meeting point either in Surabaya or Malang (please let us know where we have to meet you in Surabaya or Malang), then drive to Mount Bromo area with the private car or vehicle which is completed with air-conditioned for about 3-5 hours (it is depend on the traffic situation). On this trip you can may ask to your driver stop for going to the public toilet or stop at the local restaurant for having meals and drink coffee or tea.

  • Upon your arrival in Mount Bromo area, we will escort you to the hotel which yoiu have choose as your accommodation in Bromo area and then take a rest, relaxation and overnight stay before you enjoy the sunrise and Bromo tour in the next day. >>> During your trip today, you maybe can enjoy the optional program, such as: Taman Safari Prigen tour with extra cost 

Day 02: Enjoy sunrise view and Savanna tours Bromo – sunset tours in Mentigen hill  

  • 03.00-04.30: Wake up in the dawn time and we will jeep's vehicle to reach the place for seeing the sunrise in Bromo area where you can choose one of the famous places to enjoy sunrise tours and view the sunrise in Bromo area, such as: Mount Pananjakan or Gunung Penanjakan, Kingkong hill or Bukit Kingkong & Love hill of Bromo or Bukit Cinta Bromo

  • 04.30-06.00: Take a while your time for a cup of coffee or tea, then seeing the amazing sunrise view at location as your choice. Afterward, driving with our jeep for next destination on the slope of Mount Bromo as the parking area 

  • After a short break and take pictures, our jeep will bring us to continue our trip to reach the parking area for 4WD vehicle (jeep) by passing the amazing view on the slope of Mount Bromo, then from parking area you are required to cross the seas of sand on the slope of Mount Bromo by horse riding or on foot (it is optional) till reach to the stairs up (more than 250 stairs) on the bottom of Mount Bromo which it will lead you to reach to the peak of Mount Bromo. 

  • After enjoy nice view in Mount Bromo and around at 07:30, we will continue our trip for about 30 - 45 hours driving by 4WD vehicle/ jeep to reach “the savanna / teletubies hill” by crossing the seas of sand in Tengger region which is bordered by mountains. Savannah valley is the one of interesting places in Bromo National Park. This valley is close to sand of whispering (a massive desert in Mount Bromo). Savanna valley & sand of whispering in Bromo are a part of Mount Bromo attraction that mostly visited after they enjoyed sunrise tours in Mount Bromo area including climb to the highest peak and crater of Bromo. The savanna valley and sand of whispering have  similar attraction, especially when foreigner visitors wish to make photography in Mount Bromo area. These interesting places mostly visited by domestic and foreign visitors when they have finished doing Mount Bromo trekking. It is located at northern side from the Crater and it is about 1,5 kilometers from Mount Bromo, the savannah Mount Bromo and sand of whispering only possible reached by private jeep or 4 WD vehicle for 30 minutes driving. The savannah valley is well known by Teletubies hill and the sand of whispering is called it "Pasir Berbisik"

  • After a short break and take pictures, we will go to hotel for taking a bath and enjoy your own free program at hotel nearby with nice view and fresh air surrounding. Around in the late afternoon, we will escort you to the Mentigen Hill area to see sunset time then drive back to your hotel for having dinner & overnight stay before we continue our trip on the next morning. 

Day 03: Drive from Mount Bromo to accommodation in area Tumpak Sewu waterfall 

  • After breakfast time, we will leave your accommodation in Mount Bromo to drive for about 4 - 5 hours (it is depend on situation of the traffic) to reach your accommodation (the home stay or guesthouse) in area of Tumpak Sewu waterfall - Lumajang regency. On this route, you will pass small cities, plantations and rice fields. You may stop on way of this trip if you wanna go to the public toilet, getting food & beverages in restaurant of the side roads and take the pictures when you see the interesting place. >>> During your trip today, you maybe can enjoy the optional tour program for Madakaripura waterfall tours, with extra cost 

Day 04: Tumpak Sewu waterfall tours - continue to accommodation in Ijen crater area

  • 08.00-12.00: After having breakfast and around at 08.00 am or at least at 09.00 am, our staff will be ready to escort you to the parking area of Tumpak Sewu waterfall as our next destination for our journey adventure in East Java. Upon your arrival in the parking area of Tumpak Sewu waterfall, we will walk to reach waterfall point for about 30 – 45 minutes by descending cliff and crossing river. Exploring the waterfall and enjoy the beautiful view with natural backgrounds surrounding. Take your time for photo in this place, since this place is one of the best waterfall falls in East Java – Indonesia.

  • Tumpak Sewu waterfall is considered as the most beautiful waterfall on the Java Island and even throughout Indonesia, has a unique formation resembling a widened curtain, looks beautiful and perfect when viewed from a height place. Tumpak Sewu waterfall has a height of approximately 120m and located at an altitude of 500mdpl, the flow of water is swiftly sourced from Mount Semeru, the highest mountain in Java. Local community known this waterfall as Coban Sewu, administratively located in Lumajang district but bordering Malang Regency. This day tour will invite and challenge you to visit this most beautiful waterfall in Java, when arriving at the gate of the waterfall, you will be invited to do trekking for approximately 30 – 45 minutes to reach waterfall. You will spend your adventure trip in Tumpak Sewu waterfall at least till at 12.00 pm  

  • 12.00-20.00: After enjoy adventure trekking and amazing view in Tumpak Sewu waterfall; we will continue our trip to reach your accommodation or hotel in Ijen area – Banyuwang regency for about 7-9 hours driving and afterward overnight stay before you enjoy the blue fire Ijen tours 

Day 05: Java adventure trail with blue fire tours of Ijen crater, then to Bali 

  • 00:30 or 01.00 am: This trip will be started from your accommodation or hotel in Ijen area around at 00:30 am or at least at 01:00 am and then drives for about 1 hour to reach the post 1 of Paltuding or this is as the starting point for the hiking activities in Ijen crater and then you will do the climbing actitivities in Mount Ijen as followed 

  • 02.00-03.30: The preparation and then climbing activities to reach top of Ijen

  • 03.30-06.00: Observation of the Milky Way + the seeing process of blue fire and if it is needed with your request, we will descend to reach the edge of lake to see blue fire with better and clearer view, then afterward viewing of sunrise on the peak of Mount Ijen and take a rest with an amazing view the green lake of sulfur as natural backgrounds which can forget how tired for the climbing process in Ijen crater

  • 06.00-10.00: Go down by passing the same path on the slope of Ijen till reach the Paltuding base camp. And after that, leave the Ijen crater area to escort you back to your accommodation or hotel for having breakfast, take shower, take your own time in hotel area and then preparation to leave your accommodation or hotel in Ijen area

  • 10.00-17.00: Leaving your accommodation or hotel to reach Ketapang ferry port – Banyuwangi and crossing Bali strait for about 1-1.5 hours with a ferry to reach Gilimanuk ferry port in Bali Island without the car/ vehicle and afterward, meet new driver in Bali with his car and then he will escort you for about 4-5 hours drives to reach your hotel which you have booked by your own in Bali Island. >>> During the trip today, you maybe can enjoy the optional program of snorkeling tour activities in Tabuhan and Menjangan Island of west Bali National Park OR enjoy the exploring tours Banyuwangi such as: Jagir waterfall tours, Banyuwangi beach tours, Baluran National Park tours and Banyuwangi rafting tours with extra cost 

*** Note: If the weather is NOT good or NOT allowed by Ijen crater officer to do night climbing tour, you can do the standard/ basic Ijen crater tour without seeing blue fire which will be started from your accommodation around after 4 am,- so on

Tour Price INCLUDES:
~ Private car with AC, fuel and driver
~ Bottled mineral water during the tour
~ Parking and freeway fees on the trip
~ Pick-up services in Malang/ Surabaya

~ Transfer out services to your Bali hotel
~ Jeep’s vehicle for Bromo tour package 
~ Ticket for Tumpak Sewu waterfall tours
~ Gas mask during Ijen crater hiking tours
~ Ferry ticket from Java to Bali Island port
~ 2 nights Mt Bromo stay (depends order)
~ 1 night Tumpak Sewu stay (,- includes)
~ 1 night Ijen crater stay (depends order)
~ Tour guide of the trip 
(depends order)

Tour Price EXCLUDES:
~ Travel insurance, tipping, meal
~ Mt. Bromo and Ijen crater ticket fees
~ Horse riding on seas sand of Mt Bromo
~ Other tour programs and personal expenses during tour package 

Entrance tickets: During your holiday trip package above, you are required to buy/ book entrance tickets in advance (online method,- And we'll inform you, how can you buy/ book the tickets online) with cost as follow:
~ Ticket in Mt Bromo:
   * 227K/ pax on working days
   * 327K/ pax on weekend/ holidays
   * Tiket masuk utk KTP WNI lebih murah

~ Ticket in Ijen crater:
   * 100K/ pax on working days
   * 150K/ pax on weekend/ holidays
   * Tiket masuk utk KTP WNI lebih murah

Pls bring: Trekking shoes, warm clothes